AME, Singapore


Jeremy Hodgen and Margaret Brown gave keynote lectures on ICCAMS at the 2013 Conference for Mathematics Teachers organised by Singapore’s Association of Mathematics Educators (AME) and the Singapore Mathematical Society on 6th June. This event was held at the National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science.

They also led a two day workshop on teaching algebra at the AME Institute, the pre-conference event held at the Academy of Singapore Teachers.

A copy of the paper published in the Association of Mathematics Educators Yearbook 2014 following the conference is available here:

Hodgen, Jeremy, Dietmar Küchemann and Margaret Brown, “Learning Experiences Designed to Develop Algebraic Thinking: Lessons From the ICCAMS Project in England.” in Pee Choon Toh, Tin Lam Toh, Berinderjeet Kaur (Ed.), Learning Experiences to Promote Mathematics Learning, 2014.

Visit the AME – SMS Conference Website for more information.