MR downloads

These are the latest drafts of the MULTIPLICATIVE REASONING starters and lesson materials. Further drafts will be added in due course.

You are welcome to download these materials and to try them with your classes on the understanding that you send us feedback on their use.
Please send comments to or to

MR-1: Starter and
MR-2: Starter and Lesson-2A and Lesson-2A-TASKS and Lesson-2B
MR-3: Starter and starter-SLIDES and
MR-4: Starter and
MR-5: Starter and
MR-6: Starter and
MR-7: Starter and
MR-8: Starter and
MR-9: Starter and starter-SLIDES and
MR-10: Starter-HW and

Please note: these materials are the subject of ongoing research and made available on request to teachers only as draft trial materials.