For information on conference papers, talks, events and workshops organised around the ICCAMS Maths project:

• About the ICCAMS presentation at the 2013 Conference for Mathematics Teachers organised by the Singapore’s Association of Mathematics Educators (AME) and the Singapore Mathematical Society, please click here.

• For information on the ICCAMS Maths presence at the 2013 ATM conference in Sheffield, please click here.

• Two papers presented at the 2014 BCME 8 in Nottingham are available here.

• For a brief example of the kind of teachers’ involvement discussed at the March 2013 NAMA conference, click here.

• In 2012, ICCAMS Maths organised its own Policy Event during which a few papers were presented. For copies of the papers and news articles on the event, click here.

• On Friday 28 September 2012, ICCAMS Maths held a teacher workshop at The Royal Society. An interview with Craig Barton, from the TES Math podcast, was recorded for the occasion and is available here.